I have recently come across an article about another revision on the Roman Catholic Doctrine, which isn’t really surprising anymore since there were significant revisions made already especially with the recent elected popes. In the post entitled “The Greatest Fallacy of the Roman Catholic Church Ever“, the present pope announced that Breaking NEWS: Present Pope now believes that Christ is a man!.The blog pointed out the contradiction of that statement from what is written in the bible, in any version for that matter. The blogger, Mr. Eliseo Soriano, followed each of his statement with one or more biblical verses in an effort to show that his post is completely biblical, which I found it to be.

To think that Jesus is a man with flesh makes the Catholic doctrine worse. In the past, they were making graven images and idols for Jesus as a spirit, which, in the first place, is already against what’s written in the bible. Now that they think that Jesus is a man, I don’t think they would be getting rid of their idols at any time. This means that they would now be worshiping and bowing before a graven image of a “man with flesh”.

In the post, the blogger also pointed out the contradiction to the Catholic Doctrine on “trinity”, in which they say that there are three distinct persons in God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who are “perfectly equal to each other”. How could Jesus, the son, be a perfectly equal being to spiritual entities like God and the Holy Spirit if he were a man with flesh? While it is true that Jesus came into the world born into a human body, that does not mean that it was all He was. He is God’s only begotten son, so if God is spirit, then so should be His son.

JOHN 1:18
No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

I was a Roman Catholic by birth, not by choice. It is okay for leaders to make mistakes, but not for people claiming to be a chosen leader of God, who is supposedly an avid reader of the bible, it is quite alarming to announce such un-biblical statements. I have had questions about their doctrines as well, but priests never cared to answer me and, at times, reprimanded me for merely asking questions. It did not start with a lack of trust, but more of curiosity and the eagerness to understand the teachings better. But when no one would even try satisfy my queries, I learned to lose trust and to eventually let go of their beliefs.

Because of the blog I read, I got a deeper and more biblical understanding of why Jesus cannot be regarded as a man, moreso, one with flesh. I can’t even contradict with the blogger because his answers are all based on biblical verses. Contradicting him would be like contradicting the bible. Besides, his explanations made way more sense than the pope’s speech (which did not involve any biblical verse at any point).

To God be the Glory Forever!